Be the eyes and ears of your neighbourhood

The Sandton CPF Guardians Programme is steadily gaining momentum and traction across all areas of Sandton. This initiative operates as a community-driven, pro-active visible deterrent to criminals, with residents becoming the eyes and ears of their neighbourhood, to assist SAPS and security companies in the fight against crime. The aim is for each suburb to set up its own Guardians group, with a dedicated WhatsApp group that reports into security companies and law enforcement. This means that residents can focus on keeping their own suburb safe, while utilising the infrastructure and guidelines set out by the Guardians Programme. The concept is akin to the old neighbourhood watch model, but it has a wider scope in terms of offering residents more ways to get involved.

The Guardians Programme links the community and law enforcement in real-time, builds trust between SAPS and the community and helps to create a safer environment. Partnerships with Residents Associations are encouraged to build networks of individuals that can assist one other and provide strong support to the SAPS. The Guardians Programme is sanctioned by the Gauteng Department of Community Safety.

The first way to be involved is through the Patroller initiative, where participants actively go out on patrol, working on a roster and buddy system. Every Patroller requires police clearance, and they must report when going on patrol and when standing down. Their mission is to observe, monitor and report. Patrollers must undergo basic training, which is provided by the Sandton Guardians, and several security companies have also made themselves available to provide training and knowledge to prospective Patrollers.

Another way to participate is through Patrol Support, giving those who aren't able to patrol, but would still like to be involved, a way to observe, monitor and report suspicious activity. This is particularly suitable for those who are based at home during the day – retired people, home-based offices, moms or dads who stay at home to look after their children. All it takes is conscious observation, an additional drive around the suburb on the way out or back home, and reporting suspect persons or vehicles to their Guardians group. There is no engagement or danger to residents - security companies in the area and SAPS will pick up the information and respond in real time. Patrol Support participants do not require police clearance and observation of the suburb takes place during normal daily activities.

Part of the Sandton Guardians mandate is to keep an eye on suspect, derelict or abandoned properties, bearing in mind that in many instances, criminals will set up base in a suburb; as well as noticing and reporting open gates or unusual activities at residences in the suburb.

Sandton Guardians has achieved great success in the suburb of Kelvin (Sector 4), where over 40 residents participate in Patrol and Patrol Support activities. Kelvin has also implemented a database of residents who can assist in an emergency, such as qualified first aiders and fire marshals.

In addition to Sector 4, there are Guardians Units in various suburbs in Sectors 1, 2 and 3, as the Programme rolls out and gains support from residents.

Patrollers and Patrol Support can be older or younger, male or female, from all walks of life and with different schedules and routines. Your entire suburb can assist in making your neighbourhood safe.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Sandton Guardians Joint Co-Chairs Waseem Ebrahim or Dhiren Byjnal on

Alternatively please contact the Sandton CPF on 011 422 4317 between 9am and 2pm, Monday-Thursday.

In memory of Luewellyn Pillay, whose energy and passion ignited so many in the Sandton community to become involved in the Sandton CPF Guardians Programme.

Luewellyn Pillay 27 February 1974 - 13 March 2019.