"Welcome to your community website"

The ultimate objectives of Community Policing are
to reduce crime, to fight crime and to prevent crime.

This is the core philosophy of the
Sandton Community Police Forum, working in partnership with the South African Police Service and
other stakeholders.

The Sandton CPF strives to add value to the Sandton community through:

  • Public meetings with the community each month, together with SAPS and JMPD Sector Commanders, Ward Councillors and security companies that operate in each area. These sessions are focused on information sharing and priority crime updates, as well as other safety, security and other relevant issues affecting Sandton.
  • Planning sessions with SAPS, JMPD and security companies, where crime hot spots are identifed and cooperative crime fighting initiatives are scheduled.
  • Providing crime trends, safety and security advice and relevant updates to the community via public meetings, newsletters, media releases, WhatsApp groups, Facebook and the Sandton CPF website.
  • Working together with the JMPD on by-law enforcement issues.
  • Strong cooperation and partnerships with SAPS, JMPD, City Parks, CoJ and Gauteng Province, Ward Councillors, Residents Associations, road closures, businesses, churches and other organisations in Sandton.

The goals of community policing are:

  • To BUILD PARTNERSHIPS between all stakeholders
  • To develop GOOD RELATIONSHIPS between the police and communities
  • To WORK TOGETHER to build a safer South Africa

The Sandton CPF constantly strives to achieve these goals and is committed to our partnerships for the benefit of all.